Saving Time and Effort with Technology by James Gill

As the computer teacher in a large middle school, Moody Middle School
in Port Moody, BC a lot of my duties extend beyond the classroom. I
get a lot of questions about how to use technology to accomplish tasks
around the classroom, but often these questions come with fear and
trepidation...read more at:

Digital Story Telling: The Modern Expression of an Ancient Art by Cari

In my classroom, digital storytelling looks like chaos and sounds like
excitement. In one corner a group of students are laying on the floor
with a camera, trying to get exactly the right angle on their shot of
Cinderella (a Barbie) as she falls from the desk above...read more at:

Recursive Transformation by William Eaton

This past December the Premier’s Technology Council (PTC) released A
Vision for 21st Century Education. The document highlights what K-12
education in British Columbia should look like once the system is
transformed to better serve the needs of 21st century learners and
citizens...read more at:

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