Robotics Texts/Curriculums

  • robocode competitions
  • 6.186 Mobile Autonomous Systems Laboratory - MASLab (Mobile Autonomous System Laboratory), also known as 6.186, is a robotics contest.
  • 6.270 Autonomous Robot Design Competition - 6.270 is a hands-on, learn-by-doing class, in which participants design and build a robot that will play in a competition at the end of January. The goal for the students is to design a machine that will be able to navigate its way around the playing surface, recognize other opponents, and manipulate game objects.
  • 6.370 Robocraft Programming Competition - The 6.370 Robocraft programming competition is a unique challenge that combines battle strategy and software engineering. In short, the objective is to write the best player program for the computer game Robocraft.
  • 2.007 Design and Manufacturing I - A major element of the course is design of a robot to participate in a challenge that changes from year to year. This year, the theme is cleaning up the planet as inspired by the movie Wall-E.

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