The GIFT Format for Moodle Quizzes

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Format symbols

Here are some common GIFT symbols and their use.
Symbols Use
// text Comment until end of line (optional)
 ::title:: Question title (optional)
text Question text (becomes title if no title specified)
[...format...] The format of the following bit of text. Options are [html], [moodle], [plain] and [markdown]. The default is [moodle] for the question text, other parts of the question default to the format used for the question text.
{ Start answer(s) -- without any answers, text is a description of following questions
{T} or {F} True or False answer; also {TRUE} and {FALSE}
{ ... =right ... } Correct answer for multiple choice, (multiple answer? -- see page comments) or fill-in-the-blank
{ ... ~wrong ... } Incorrect answer for multiple choice or multiple answer
{ ... =item -> match ... } Answer for matching questions
#feedback text Answer feedback for preceding multiple, fill-in-the-blank, or numeric answers
{# Start numeric answer(s)
answer:tolerance Numeric answer accepted within ± tolerance range
low..high Lower and upper range values of accepted numeric answer
=%n%answer:tolerance n percent credit for one of multiple numeric ranges within tolerance from answer
} End answer(s)
\character Backslash escapes the special meaning of ~, =, #, {, }, and :
\n Places a newline in question text -- blank lines delimit questions

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