Banner Design Assignment

  1. Layout
    1. Webpage Anatomy - The Identity Block; logo + colours + name (typography)  + background (texture) + images
    2. Grid Theory: rule of 1/3s; Balance: as/symetry; Unity: proximity + Emphasis: placement, continuance, isolation, contrast + proportion.
    3. Above the Fold - ie you are providing a mock up of a screens-full of the site.
  2. Colour
    1. What colour associations do the Templeton colours of Maroon (#990000) and Gold (#FFCC00) have for you?
    2. Go to a colour pallette generator (see below) and generate a pallette for each colour.  What sense of Temperature and Value (tint/pure/shade) do you get with each pallette?  How do these correspond with your vision/feel for the site?  
  3. Typography
    1. Purpose of all web design --> COMMUNICATION
    2. Typography is the substance of branding, the key to unspoken communication, and an essential piece of web design.
    3. Add Google Web Fonts to Blogspot - GSearch, Google Web Fonts site, How to add custom fonts to blogger - Webztraffic, GWebFonts Plugin for Photoshop
  4. Texture
    1. point/ line/ shape/ volume & depth/ pattern
      1. point - size, pixel, fundamental element of graphic design.
      2. line - quality, direction, thickness
      3. shape - geometric vs. free-form, economy of line
      4. volume & depth - perspective, proportion, light & shadow.
      5. pattern  - what and why
    2. what texture would you add?  you must answer the question: what am I trying to communicate with texture and why this way (not these others - provide 2 alternative ideas of what you ccould do.)
  5. Images
    1. relevant, interesting, appealing
    2. legitimate image sources
      1. royalty-free ( for example)  google search
      2. open source ( for example) google search
Online Color Pallette/Scheme Generators

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