Deconstructing Traditional Games

You are going to deconstruct a traditional game (in a group or individually).

You will choose a "traditional", non-computer game.  (class discussion on types and examples of "traditional", non-computer games)

In a Google Doc, write your name(s), your block and the name of the game.  Write a brief description of the game.  Answer following questions about the game you have chosen:

  1. How is the game entered willfully?
  2. What is the goal of the game?
  3. What is the conflict in the game?
  4. What are the rules? (a brief overview of the rules)
  5. How is the game won or lost?
  6. What is the interactivity of the game?
  7. What is the challenge of the game?
  8. What is the internal value created in the game?
  9. How does the game engage it's players?
  10. How is the game surprising?
  11. How is manipulation used in the game?
  12. How is the game a problem-solving activity?"

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