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  1. 100 pieces of code.  This year you will begin a collection of 100 pieces of code that you like because it is ... well-written (even beautiful), or does something really interesting, or is very useful.  If you collect 10 pieces a month, you will be done by year end. Organize and rank them anyway that you see fit.  For now keep them in a document called "100 pieces of code".
  2. Influence Map.  In Life,  you are influenced by many things, and I would like to know what things influenced you to take this class.  Download the attached "Influence Map"  (rt-click and "save image as").  Fill in the squares with things that influence and inspire you to want to program.  You can put anything in the squares.  Fill in the grid placing more prominent influences as larger images.  A 3x3 image being the biggest.
  3. Code Year.  Go to Code Year at Code Academy (  If you don't have an account, you can sign in with your Google account (; if you haven't used your Templeton Google account yet, dont' create an account yet).  Code Year starts with the basics and teaches concepts into a practical context. The first unit will give you an introduction to JavaScript, a beginner-friendly programming language. Later Code Year units focus on teaching HTML and CSS, and how these technologies can be combined with JavaScript to build interactive websites.  Noodle around and get started if you want.

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