Animated Mouth - Step 3

Step 3 - Timing

First,  I wanted to clearly understand the relationship between the mouth shapes that I had and the letters that each one represented,  so the I drew each shape,  labelled it with the letters that it represented and then numbered the shapes/letters from 0 to 9  (This is my own system.  I left out 4 and 7, in case I needed to add in other shapes/letters.)  Next I made a list of letters a - z and wrote in the corresponding numbers (GDoc link for larger verison)

For my animation,  I chose:
 "Hello Pete. Fine day,  isn't it.  How are you?
(in homage to Preston Blair's Dialogue Tutorial.  More on Preston Blair at Wikipedia;  and his Dialogue Tutorial at AIM).  I pasted my dialogue into the great AT&T Natural Voices® Text-to-Speech Demo.  (Please make sure to read the Restrictions on Use of Audio; please don't abuse this resource.) and this is the result: Hello Pete.wav (now you can even listen to it online: Hello Pete at SoundCloud

Next, I wrote out the dialogue and after I looked up each letter,  I added the mouth shape below.  I then put in the pauses between each word - sometimes a closed mouth (0), sometimes the in between shape (2 - 3 - 1) but,  most often, I just repeated (or 'held') the same shape.  Then I counted up the number of shapes I needed, so I could double check as I made the animation.

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