Bouncing Coin, Part Deux.

Animation + Gaming
Tuesday,  October 2nd,  2012

Below is a digital version of our Animated Coin.

The background is from a Bouncing Ball tutorial at AngryAnimator.com (follow the link to see it in it's entirety).

 As you can see it is not Stop-Motion animation, but, because it is using the slide show feature of Presentation software (in this case Google Docs Present;  although MSOffice Powerpoint or LibreOffice Impress would work equally as well) it kinda' is as well.

Presentation software can function as a 2-layer animating tool, as you can see from my version below (you might notice that I used fewer slides in my animation;  or rather, when I made the above, I actually added extra "tweens" to make the animation smoother,  which is noticeable when viewed at 10 fps).  You may also notice that I used the "Squash and Stretch" Principle of Animation on the penny that I used, even though a metal coin does not "Squash and Stretch", but I liked the effect.

Your assignment for the day is to:

  1. click the "Action" button on the Template version above,
  2. create a copy in your Google Docs account (or, if you can't login to GDocs,  "Download as PPT" and work in Office),
  3. and add in your own digital coin (from the pictures that you took for your Stop-Motion version).