Conducting Research

From last day, in a GDoc, you should have:
  • a topic that you want to do further research on
  • minimum of 3 primary sources from the databases
Today you should be collecting specific chunks of information into your document from the databases.  You can also be collecting secondary sources from other places on the Internet.

Thanks to Ms. Bombino for teaching us research techniques last day.

To recap:

Templeton Library  |  VSB WEB Catalogue  |  VSB WEBCat Databases

Newspapers/Databases that we looked at (usernames and passwords are in your Agenda) :

  1. the Vancouver Sun
  2. the Province
  3. Canadian Points of View Reference Centre
  4. Global Issues in Context
  5. Canadian Periodical Index
Remember, you can do your research from ANYWHERE: Room 132, your home, your phone(?), any computer that has an internet connection.

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