Google Docs to Moodle Assignment - Images

  1. Make sure that you have uploaded your image (.jpg, .gif, .png) to the Google Drive and Docs folder that I shared with you
  2. Select the "Add Submission" button below.
  3. Select the Picture Icon (
  4. Select "Find or upload an Image ...)
  5. change from "Server Files" to Google Docs and select "Login"
  6. Select which Google account to allow (if needed, allow Moodle access)
  7. In the search box, type in the name of the file (if necessary) and hit the "Enter Key"
  8. select the correct file
  9. under the "Appearance" tab, set "Alignment " to "Top", and "Dimensions - Width"  to 600 (it will automatically set the Height)
  10. Select "Insert" and then "Save Changes"/"Submit"