November 13th 2012

2.3 Block E / 2.4  Block F - Animation + Gaming

I used this one

 to make this

2.2  Block H - Survey / Digital Journalism

Digital Journalism
  • You should be finished 25% of Code Academy Code Year.  Take a screen capture of your progress and upload it to your GDocs account.
  • Login in to Moodle
    1. Login to Templeton Google Apps;
    2. scroll down the list until you get to Moodle-Connect;
    3. check the "Allow Button";
      • (if you have taken a course with me last year and you get a Moodle-Connect window that requests your Account Name and Password - put in your GApps username (123456) and Password twice (123456_Mister)n and make sure to check the box that says make a new account.)
    4. choose Survey 2012-2013;
    5. on the right-hand side select Enrol me in ICTX_12-13
    6. check the box that says unmask (so you can see what your are typing) and put the following as the password - H3110-W0r1d.
    7. Congratulation ... you have registered in the course.