OpenClassroom to Moodle

  1. Make sure that you have submitted your sketch to correct collection in the TSS - Programming 2012-2013 OpenProcessing Classroom
  2. Right-click on your Sketch and and select "Copy" (or Ctrl-C) to save the URL/Link
  3. Click "Add Submission"
  4. Paste (Ctrl-V; right-click doesn't work) the link in the Text box below
  5. Put your mouse anywhere on the text and triple-click and the entire link should be selected
  6. Click on the chain (Insert/edit link) button and, in the "Link URL" box/field, Ctrl-V to paste in the link again
  7. In the "Target" drop-down field,  select "Open in new window (_blank)"
  8. Click the "Insert" button and your text should now be blue
  9. You get full marks for a working,  clickable, html link
  10. Click "Submit"/"Save Changes"