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Joe Sacco's comics journalism

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Joe Sacco is a comics journalist extraordinaire. He's won a Guggenheim Fellowship, an Eisner Award, an American Book Award and a Ridenhour Book Prize for his work. His latest book -- his eighth -- is a collection of his short-form comics reporting, called Journalism. It includes a decade of stories from around the world: the war crimes trials in The Hague, conflict in the Palestinian Territories, the wars in Chechnya and Iraq, the refugee crisis in his native country of Malta, and his experiences among the untouchables in India.
Sacco believes that telling these stories in the comic form gives the story a new, unexpected dimension. And in the age of the internet, when media options seem endless, he sees this as an advantage. "What makes magazines special is the visual material," he explained to Day 6 host Brent Bambury. "People are looking for new ways to tell the same stories."

Below is an excerpt from Journalism titled "The Hague". Go the the site (see source below) to read the rest.

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