Learning Creative Learning

Learning Creative Learning:

What I hope to get out of Learning Creative Learning, being offered online from MIT:

I took over teaching the computer classes at my school (Templeton Secondary in Vancouver, BC,  Canada), and immediately discovered Scratch which I have used almost every year since then - I am going to try SNAP 4.0 this year for my older students, but hope to use Scratch if I can teach some classes at our local Elementary schools).  In discovering Scratch, I also discovered Mr. Resnick,  and, as I read more of his papers,  have come to greatly respect his vision for the  technology/ computing devices as a creative tool and I try to implement his ideas in the courses I teach and by bridging (breaking down the barriers) between Applied courses and Art courses,  as well as "Regular Academic Courses" and  "Elective Courses".

What I hope to get out of this course is:
- a (new) methodology for working with other teachers that allays their fears about technology integration
- new ideas to engage students
- a chance to talk to others who are excited about what cool things we can get up to with this technology stuff.

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