Wednesday May 15 2013

Animation and Gaming class

You should be working on at least 1 of 3 assignments:

  1. Your Challenge game assignment - either a race-to-the-end game, a territorial acquisition game, a collection game or an exploration game.  Remember, I DON'T want polish or theme; I am looking for multiple examples of play-testing - at least 10 - with notes of changes to game mechanics: additions, subtractions, doubling, etc. and how they effected game play.
  2. The Generic Tile game - by now, you should have completed the tiles, colour-coded them,  made a scoreboard and tried to play it at least once.  If not, time to move on;  the tile game is adapted from an early version of Carcassonne   (GSearch Carcassonne).  You are to create your own theme for this tile game - MLP, Tomb Raider, AOE, LOL, Disney, etc. 
  3. Major Game Design Project
You should be working the entire class.  You do not have time to slack off.