ePub Bud

ePub Bud - easily publish your own eBooks, online, for free

We realized, it might be nice to make it a free eBook, and hey, why not an eBook that works on that new-fangled "iPad" device (which would really be the first decent ebook reader for picture books) Apple was coming out with at the end of the month?

And then we realized, maybe even better than just making a SINGLE children's ebook for the iPad, what if we made a site just like YouTube where anybody could create and share their own children's ebooks.
This site does not have any intention of making any money, ever. Bandwidth and storage are cheap. We just
want everybody to have an easy way to find, share, and self-publish their own free children's ebooks whether the audience is just their own kids or the whole world.


How do I create an ebook with ePub Bud?

Simply click "new book" above! Fill out the form, then click "Continue...".

You will then be in an online text editor (similar to word) where you can write your book! If you chose your book type as picture book, make a new page in your book just by adding a "page break" (click the  icon). If your book is a chapter book, use page breaks for new chapters!

You can upload pictures (or video or audio!) into your book by clicking the "Choose File" link at the top and then clicking "Save Changes Now!". You can also include an image from a URL by clicking the  icon while editing. When you're done, save the book and a .epub ebook file will automatically be created!

What ebook formats does ePub Bud support?

Although you can upload just about any file format (including PDF, doc, and all manners of ebooks), the output of ePub Bud will always be .epub. That's because epub is the open file format for ebooks that the most readers support!

ePub Bud makes a great converter of any sort of document to the open .epub format!

To convert an .epub to another format, download the free software Calibre!

How do people read my ebook?

Simply make sure your book's sharing is set to public or unlisted then send them the sharing link URL!

They will be able to read the book online by clicking on its cover, or download the .epub file to read in any number of readers!

To get it into iBooks, they should just download the book from its URL in Safari on their iPad/iPhone/iPod!