Journalism 20131118

Oon Yeoh and Writing

For Today Read:
  • Introduction
  • Tip II
  • Tip III
  • Tip VI
  • Tip XI
In a Doc/Post, answer the following:
  1. Everyday, I make sure to read _________ because ...
    At least once a week, I read _________ because ...
  2. The two writers that I admire most are _______ and  ________ because ...
  3. Paste a 200+ piece of writing in to the doc and eviscerate it.
  4. Print out the same piece of writing, find a quiet place and read it out loud to yourself.  Does it sound like you? Repeat it to yourself a few times (you are allowed to look at the paper, but not read from it.  If it helps, record yourself with your phone/...) Now re-write it Verbatim in the voice that you heard yourself say.  Try not to edit it for reading in any way.