20140113 CES 2014 Assignment

CS/ICT/CIS students (Blocks A & B/ periods 1.3 & 1.4)

The 2014 Consumer Electronics show wrapped up this weekend.

Tech Trends at CES <- this link is to the CBC.CA\Spark podcast concerning CES2014.  Give it a listen (with headphones/on low).

Then research some of the technology presented at the Show.  The Tech Zones link is especially helpful for researching specific types of technology. The Sitemap link will give you an overview of what went on/what's available.

Below are links for CES2014:
Answer the following questions in a blog post (labelled "CES2014") on your ePortfolio site:

  1. Coolest piece of tech/tech trend (what you want Right Now) and WHY.
  2. Lamest piece of tech/tech trend and WHY.
  3. Tech/Tech Trend that you think is too far in the future to be viable and WHY.
  4. Tech/Tech Trend that has redeeming social value and WHY.

Notes:  You may do further research on the web to answer these questions.  Make sure to copy & paste the URL of all pages/sites (including those within cesweb.org) that you use to answer these questions.

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