gruntCraft at grunt gallery

Like Minecraft? Like Art? Like 3D Printing? Then check out grunt gallery's gruntCraft.ca:

grunt gallery is developing a Minecraft-based Virtual Studio for Young Artists May-Dec 2014

Creative work, driven by youth, is flourishing in shared virtual spaces. This activity falls within the artistic scope of grunt gallery’s recently appointed media lab, gruntKitchen. With the guidance and support of professional artists, youth participants will develop a series of individual and group projects in a virtual studio with the objectives of creative exploration, artistic inquiry, and engagement. Our proposal is to use the popular online game MineCraft as a creative medium to engage youth in contemporary art, meeting them in the virtual spaces they occupy. Grunt gallery will establish a MineCraft server to function as a virtual studio for youth participants. Through a combination of working online and in person, the progress of the participants’ creative exploration will be fostered through studio visits and presentations from professional artists, and the mentorship of the Project Director. Further engagement in this project will be pursued online via the game’s environment, the production of a series of YouTube videos, and open-house presentations at the gallery. Support will also be provided for the participants and artists to experiment with 3D printing.