Game Dev Tycoon General Info

Game Dev Tycoon - General Info: "some of the basics that you should understand when playing through the game.

Game Development - Ideas & Hints

When you start off as a new company, you need to immediately start making money since the 8k monthly costs quickly catch up on you and cause trouble. I recommend making games that you know will do well (good combos) and likely to bring in a profit. Just do what would make sense as a game, for example, Military/Action will be a good combination. Here is a table for the list of combos i recommend doing before experimenting with new topics and genres:

  • Topics    Genre
  • Sports Simulation
  • Military Action
  • Medieval Adventure
  • Medieval Action
  • Medieval RPG
  • Fantasy RPG
  • Space Action
  • Sci-fi Action
  • Sci-fi Adventure
  • Race  Action

I strongly recommend trying these combination before playing with new topics, even if you have researched a bunch before going through them all.

Choosing a good combination is just one stage to making a good game, you need to also adjust the sliders to suit the topic and genre used. For instance, when making an RPG game you should be maxed out on Story/Quests & Dialogues (I advise maxing out level design and graphics too).

Here are a few hints on how to adjust the sliders to suit the genre your using: (Note: These are not the perfect way to do them). Check the Development Percent Chart for more accurate sliders.

Genre's Info On Adjusting The Sliders

  • Simulation: High Engine, High Graphics, High Level/World Design, Low Stories, Low Dialogues, High A.I (Only for racing & sport games)
  • Action: High Engine, High Level Design, Relatively High A.I, High Graphics, Low Story, Low Dialogues
  • RPG: High Stories, High Dialogues, High Level Design, High Graphics, Low Engine, Low A.I
  • Strategy: High A.I, High Level Design, High Sound, Low Story, Low Dialogue, Low World Design
  • Adventure: High Graphics, High World/Level Design, High Engine, Medium Story/Dialogues, Low A.I

Note: Most games should have high Gameplay as well.