20150325 FA8 Papercraft

  1. Please open this link:  Papercraft folder on Dropbox (You don't need to create an account.)
  2. Print of each file, and then make ~8 copies of each.
  3. Let the students pick one. 
  4. Please have the students follow the instructions from the pictures below.
  5. Pencil crayons, scissors and glue are in Room 131.  
  6. Cardstock is in the bottom shelves of the cupboard at the back of the room, on the right.
  7. Remind the students to follow the correct order:
    1. colour/MOC.
    2. glue to cardstock
    3. cut out
    4. fold
    5. write their first name, last name, student number, date and block on any finished or unfinished work.
  8. Have the students clean up after they are done.

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