20151125 InfoTech 8

20151125 InfoTech 8

For Term I, I will need to see evidence of completed online coursework for the following:

code.org (visible from my Teacher Dashboard, just make sure they are complete):

Tinkercad Designs:

  • Normal and Private
    • Lesson: Learning the moves
    • Lesson: Camera controls
    • Lesson: Creating holes
    • Lesson: Scale, Copy & Paste
    • Lesson: Key ring, letters!
    • Lesson: Die on the workplane
    • Lesson: Mine craft party glasses
    • Lesson: Cufflinks
  • Copy Design and Make Public (following these instructions)
    • Lesson: Luggage tag
    • Lesson: Chess Pawn
    • + 4 more designs
Use the form below to share your Tinkercad with me so that I can mark your Designs (or open it in a new window).

P.S. you must be logged in with your templeton account to access the form.  

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