20151211 GDA Lip Sync Project Part III

20151211 GDA Lip Sync Project Part IIIa

GDA Lip Sync Project Part IIIb

  • in order to understand the timing for saying the Alphabet/ABCs, let us look to a simple musical score of the song version, such as the one below:
  • Standard 4/4 time for music is 4 quarter notes per measure and ~30 measures per minute.  That gives us a timing of 120 quarter notes per minute or 2 quarter notes a second.
  • Put another way, each quarter note above is ~ half a second (0.5 seconds) and you can see this, or rather hear it when you listen to the song (and you can on the Wikipedia page.  You will also notice that the length of the 12 measures above take 24 seconds to play)
  • If you are creating your animation at 12 fps, then each quarter note is 6 frames (double it if you are creating at 24 fps)
  •  So timing your animation to the scoring above, gives you the following:
    • ABCDEF, HIJK, QR, TU, Y are each quarter notes, and therefore 6 frames
    • G, P, S, V, X, Z are each half notes, and therefore 12 frames
    • L, M, N, O are all eighth notes, and therefore 3 frames
  • Don't worry about all the words for now.  We will deal with them next class when we talk about Letters, Phonemes and Visemes.

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