20160401 Graphics

  • Go to canva.com (and take a second to move your mouse around on the screen. Cool, huh!)
  • Sign in with your Google Account
  • Go through the “Beginner’s Challenge” for an introduction to the basic tools available (It takes less than a minute).
  • When you finish (and clicked the “Tutorial Complete” button), and below the “Congratulations! You have completed “Beginner’s Challenge”, click the “Start your own design” button.
  • At the bottom of the Gray Bar on the left, click on the “Learn to design” link, and it will take you to the Canva Design School page, where you will find 30 tutorials of which you will already have done 1.
  • Pick one of the Fonts, Colour, Images, Backgrounds, Shapes and Icons, or Layout Tutorials to work on.