June 14th, 2017

Design Framework

  • cool design system developed internal for EA; walk-through of steps to make a design system
  • TSSM;
  • [ ] link to GFolder - Templeton Graphic ID
  • [Little Thunder Co. Electronic Arts Product Design - Joystick Framework](http://ift.tt/2supdcB)
  • Selling a Design System before asking for buy-in


  • http://ift.tt/2sFtGZX using github to organize everything in your life - Google Search
  • http://ift.tt/2hRwWJK Productivity: How I Use Technology to Organize My Life – Tania Rascia
  • http://ift.tt/1BNv5H5 Setting guidelines for repository contributors - User Documentation
  • http://ift.tt/2tf1AC3 opengovernment/CONTRIBUTING.md at master · opengovernment/opengovernment
  • http://ift.tt/2hQffMv rails/CONTRIBUTING.md at master · rails/rails
  • http://ift.tt/1pgXwLX atom/CONTRIBUTING.md at master · atom/atom
  • http://ift.tt/1RaEpyF Creating an issue template for your repository - User Documentation
  • http://ift.tt/2tfakId diy led display - Google Search
  • http://ift.tt/1JI1cCt Construct a Giant LED Video Screen Make:
  • http://ift.tt/29yKcQM Projects Gallery - Maker Camp
  • http://ift.tt/1DpnJeR Weekend Project: Build a Giant LED Pixel Display
  • http://ift.tt/2q8yyGn Overview DIY LED Video Wall Adafruit Learning System
  • http://ift.tt/19ev3Nf Building huge displays with LED strips Hackaday
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  • http://ift.tt/13h6CLE Creative Computing Online Workshop